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The operations in this area include:

-   General Intellectual Property Practice including Advising clients on their IPR strategies and management portfolios, Registration of Domain Names, Trademark and Preparing and filing Trademark, Copyright & Design applications and liaising with the Copyright and Trademark  Registry, patent registration and licences etc.

- Intellectual Property Litigation which includes drafting infringement/passing off civil suits for trademarks, Copyrights, Patents, and design rights in High courts and  Supreme Court, Drafting injunction applications, Replications, Rejoinders and Written Statements, Drafting infringement/passing off criminal complaints for trademarks and copyrights in District Courts,  Appearing and arguing matters at various procedural stages including final arguments before the Hon’ble Judges of High Court and the Learned Court Joint Registrars, 

Intellectual Property Enforcement, including strategizing on anti counterfeiting with Local Commissioners appointed by the Hon’ble High Court, Execution of Anton Pillar orders and Criminal raids, Co-ordination with Enforcement agencies to execute raids, Drafting undertakings, compromise applications and negotiating terms with the defendants, Drafting Intellectual Property Agreements like Website development Agreements, Internet Music Licence Agreement, Technology Licence Agreements etc.