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Drafting of MOUs and Builders Agreements, Land Purchase Agreements, procurement of licenses and permissions from the Government, registration and preparation of documentation right from project implementation to delivery of equipment, erection, inspections, construction schedule and commissioning, operation and maintenance agreements related to a project.

Buyers and sellers of commercial property benefit from our knowledge of local markets and advise beyond basic legal requirements. We advise landlords and tenants in commercial and leasing activity. We do conduct invaluable title searches and prepare Due Diligence Reports (DDR) at the behest of our Clients. We draft Collaboration Agreements and Developer’s Rights Agreement for our Clients.

We advise on local land use regulations and help on the preparation of paper work for permits and approvals such as change of land use (CLU) prior to real estate development
The real estate sector stands widened in its scope with the recent decision by the Government of India of inviting private investment in property development, particularly in the dwelling-units sector wherein the Government proposes to contribute land while the investors raise constructions for sale of the super-structures that may be allowed to be raised.